Set iPrint as your default printer (Mac)

Step 1

To add a new printer, go to System Preferences.

Step 2

Select Printers & Scanners.

Step 3

Press the add “+” icon near the bottom left.

Step 4

Next step requires the user to select the Advanced icon. If you do not see the Advanced icon please follow Steps 12 and 13.


If the Advanced icon is not visible press the “Command” button or right-click on the toolbar, then select Customize Toolbar ….

Step 5

Drag the Advanced icon onto the toolbar and press Done.

Step 6

Select the Advanced icon and in the Type field drop-down, select Internet Printing Protocol (http)

Step 7

Copy and paste the following text in the URL field: 

Step 8

In the Use field drop-down select Select Software …

Step 9

Select KONICA MINOLTA C554SeriesPS SP Common, then press OK.

Step 10

Press the Add button.

Step 11

Close the Printers and Scanners box and the System Preferences box.

When printing select iPrint as your print destination.

Step 12

Press the refresh sign to authenticate your MQ OneID on your first print.

Step 13

Enter MQAUTH\MQOneID number and OneID Password.

Step 14

Tick the box to Remember this password in my keychain, then press OK.

(lightbulb) All future print jobs will use these credentials to print to iPrint.


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