How do I customise table column widths?

A standard Wiki table has auto adjusting column widths, i.e. the more text you have in a cell, the wider the column will get. But what if you want the table to fill the entire available width? Or you want all the columns to be the same width?

You can use the {table-plus} macro to add some extra functionality to a standard Wiki table, including the ability to choose the width of the table and columns. See below for examples.

Adding the Table-Plus macro


Please keep in mind when drawing up your table that viewers will access your wiki page from desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices.

Keeping your table width to a standard size will enable viewers to see tables in their entirety.


Example 1 - Standard Features

This table is surrounded by the {table-plus} macro

The macro automatically makes some simple changes to the table

3. For example, notice that as you hover your cursor over the table each row is highlighted in yellow

b. And you can also click on a column heading to sort the rows





Step 1

When in edit mode on your wiki page, select Insert then Other macros.

Step 2

Type in the search field table plus, select the macro then select Insert.

Step 3

Place your cursor inside the Table Plus macro...

...then select the Table drop-down menu and how many columns and rows you require.

If you already have a table you wish to add extra functionality to, simply highlight the table then follow Steps 1 and 2 above.

Step 4

Fill in the contents on your table then select Preview or Save when complete.


Example 2 - Adjusting Column Widths

This column is 33% wide

This column is also 33% wide

And so is this one

Now no matter how much or how little text is in each table cell...

...the column width...

...will remain the same.

This column is 200 pixels wide

This column is also 200 pixels wide

This column is 100 pixels wide

And the total width of this...

...table is...

...500 pixels.


Step 1

When in edit mode on your wiki page, follow the steps above to insert Table Plus macro.

Step 2

Highlight the Table Plus macro then select Edit.

Step 3

To make your columns evenly spaced, scroll down to Column attributes and type in for example style=width:33%, style=width:33%, style=width:33% 

Then hit Save when complete.


In the Columns attribute field, type in for example style=width:200px, style=width:200px, style=width:100px if you wish to have different spaced columns.

Then hit Save when complete.





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