launched The new Macquarie University emergency broadcast system launched today. Managed by Security staff, the system will let staff and students know immediately if an emergency takes place on campus, giving advice on what measures to take to stay safe.

All staff and student email addresses are automatically entered into the system, and notifications will be received via and email address automatically advising of emergencies and relevant updates.  For many staff and students, however, email is not always the best way to get in touch, especially under urgent circumstances.

You can register your mobile number with the service now online. By registering your mobile number with Alerts you will also receive a text message with the same information, letting you know what is going on. This is by far the quickest and most convenient way to keep you informed when something happens. You will receive a text message wherever you are, telling you what the risk is, where it may be and what action you may need to take.

Your mobile number will only be used to notify you of emergencies and will not be shared with any other department or system.

Register your contact details for information during an emergency on campus at