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The iPrint rollout for staff will happen gradually from July 2018 - Dec 2018. A map indicating where iPrint enabled devices will be available 

Sign in to https://iprint.mq.edu.au with your OneID.  From here you can see the list of print jobs awaiting release if you have any.  

Sign in to https://iprint.mq.edu.au with your OneID and then select delete on the jobs you wish to delete.

Once you've submitted your print, it will stay in the queue for 72 hours waiting for you to either release it from an iPrinter with your Campus Card. 

You can also cancel an unwanted print job - see How do I cancel my print job?

You will be logged out if another user swipes their card on the device or your login will time out after one minute from the last action performed on the device.

No, but if they have a OneID credential they can log in to iprint.mq.edu.au 

No, OneID's are not transferable. 

All you have to do is tap your Campus Card (including Access Card). You can then access the printers multi-function features as normal. Please remember to Logout before walking away so your balance is protected and your account is not locked.

 A billing code will be automatically assigned to your Campus Card (including Access Card) and charged to your faculty/department.

You can install iPrint natively on your Windows (from Windows 7 onwards) and Mac (from Snow Leopard onwards).

Other devices, you can submit your print via the web on http://iprint.mq.edu.au.

Sometimes the printer takes a while to print a document, particularly large documents.  If you have waited a while and it still isn't coming out, please contact your local support or call the IT Service Desk on 9850 HELP (4357).

First check that the document has left your computer by checking the local printer queue on your computer. 

Next, tap your card at an iPrinter or login to https://iprint.mq.edu.au to check that your document is waiting in the queue.  If it is, try another printer.  If it's not, try resending from your computer.

If you still encounter issues, contact your local IT support or contact IT Service Desk.

If you experience a paper jam, you will need to clear the jam and it will resume printing (jammed pages will be reprinted).

Students, Library guests and selected staff can use iPrint.

Contact your local administration or local IT to replenish printer consumables. 

Alternatively, raise a Onehelp ticket.

Check that you don’t have any rules in Outlook that are sending scanned documents to a directory other than your inbox. If you still encounter issues, contact your local IT support or contact IT Service Desk.