December 6, 2018 (as part APLAS week 2018)

School of Engineering and Computer Science (SECS) at Victoria University of Wellington

Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand



Important Dates


Submissions for talks should be in the form of an abstract no longer than one A4 page in plain text, PostScript or PDF format. The abstract should be emailed to Tony Sloane (Anthony.Sloane AT ).

Travel Funding 

A limited amount of travel support is available for students, thanks to financial support from Oracle Labs, Australia. Students requesting travel support must submit a brief justification to Tony Sloane (Anthony.Sloane AT ).

Travel support will only be available for students from Australia and New Zealand. Funds are limited and we will give priority to students likely to benefit most from attending the meeting, i.e. students whose  is most aligned with the topic. Support will not exceed the cheapest airfare or train fare from the nearest major airport/train station to Wellington.

Other Funding 

A limited number of APLAS registration grants, accommodation grants and volunteering positions may be available to SAPLING student speakers. Please indicate clearly in your submission if you would like to be considered for one of these.

Local Arrangements

Please see the APLAS 2018 venue information.


See the page attachments for the abstracts and slides (coming). Some papers have links to slides below.

8:50 Welcome

9:00 Portable Memory Management Toolkit in Rust, Zixian Cai, Brenda Wang, Pavel Zakopaylo (Australian National University) 

9:30 Understanding & Analysing the G1 Family of Garbage Collectors, Wenyu Zhao (Australian National University)

10:00 Using Program Analysis for Detecting Denial of Service (DoS) Vulnerabilities in Java Code, Shawn Rasheed (Massey University) and Jens Dietrich (Victoria University of Wellington)

10:30 Morning tea/coffee

11:00 (Keynote) On the Architecture of a (Verifying) Compiler, David Pearce (Victoria University of Wellington)

12:00 Lunch

13:30 (Keynote) The DaCapo Benchmark Suite: A Methodological, Engineering, and Social Journey, Steve Blackburn (Australian National University)

14:30 What Programming Languages Do Developers Use? A Theory of Static vs Dynamic Language Choice, Aaron Pang, Craig Anslow and James Noble (Victoria University of Wellington) Slides

15:00 Afternoon Tea/Coffee

15:30 Construction of Control Flow Graphs for Binary Programs, Dominik Klumpp (University of Augsburg, the Technical University Munich and the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich), Franck Cassez (Macquarie University)

16:00 Use of LINQ queries in C#, Erin Greenwood-Thessman, Michael Homer and James Noble (Victoria University of Wellington)

16:30 The Bounded Lattice Type System, Robert Smart

17:00 Nested Trait Composition for Modular Software Development, Marco Servetto (Victoria University of Wellington)

17:30 Declarative Specification of Indentation Rules: A Tooling Perspective on Parsing and Pretty-Printing Layout-Sensitive Languages, Luís Eduardo de Souza Amorim (TU Delft)

18:00 Closing